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A little better

About: - Hide reblogs from Dashboard
Awesome idea by just hidding the .is_reblog class.
I've added a little better because that breaks the continuous scrolling. Also doesnt working on the archive of someone's blog.

// ==UserScript==
// @name - Hide reblogs from Dashboard
// @name:de - Verhindert das Anzeigen von Reblogs auf dem Dashboard
// @namespace
// @description This will hide any reblogs on your Tumblr dashboard.
// @description:de Dieses Skript verhindert das Anzeigen von geteilten Inhalten auf deinem Tumblr-Dashboard.
// @author yamavu
// @homepage
// @include
// @include
// @include http*://**
// @grant GM_addStyle
// @run-at document-start
// @version 1.02
// ==/UserScript==
(function () {
GM_addStyle('.posts .is_reblog {height:10px; !important; } .posts .is_reblog div{display:none !important; }');
}) ();

I just changed the main is_reblog to height of 10px so you still see the post was there and then hid the divs under the is_reblog. Work wonderful. Also included on http*://**
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