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You can now delete yourself

I've added the ability for you to delete your Greasy Fork account, so if you've been religiously visiting the forum waiting for this moment, your time has come. Deleting your account will delete your scripts, script sets, and user info, but it will retain your forum contributions. Your forum user will be named to "Deleted user xxx".



  • Perhaps for some it's a vital thing - thank you from all of them, they themselves can not answer
  • I can understand why someone would want to be in charge of what they do on the internet, including the ability to remove what they've done. I imagine very few would use this, but for those that do it's would be a vital thing.
  • q1kq1k
    edited January 15 Chrome

    What happens if I delete my account by mistake. Will there be a way to get back what's lost?
  • Nope, it's gone. You do have to accidentally ask for a deletion, accidentally confirm via the emailed link, then accidentally confirm again, so if you manage to do by mistake, well...
  • Ok, well thanks for explaining there were multiple steps to this.
    I just thought it was one or 2 clicks, and it's done.

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