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About: YouTube Grid & Preview Player
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I installed this only because the video resolution can be displayed on the thumbnail.
I also have youtube+ which has other features I like, but lacks this. There is also youtube center, but that one is old now and many features are not fully working, plus it slows down my browser significantly.


  • I'd like to suggest colored definition labels for different resolutions.
    for example if it is 720p make it green, and if it's 1080p make it red.. etc..

  • And movable labels too. I like this to be shown in the top left.

Because of this I made this css stylesheet, there is colored labels and slightly bigger text too:
If you want, you can include it in your script. (I know it's not perfect, but that's the best that I can do from here.)
And anyone who wants it right now, can just install it as a userstyle in stylish.

PS. I have re-added the "white overlay on watched videos" (not with opacity btw.)

Also, is it possible to load the definition labels as soon as the page loads / video thumbnail appears?
Because right now, it takes quite some time to load them..... I don't think it was this slow in youtube center though.


  • Thank your very much for your feedback. It tried your css and it looks nice, it would be nice if it was available from stylish. For now, I will continue with the simple color scheme I used before but I will keep your styles in mind. I couldn't implement everything you suggested but I made some small adjustments for the position of definition.

    Loading the labels earlier is a good suggestion. I will focus more on it in a later version. It may consume a lot of bandwidth if all brought at once, and it has to be done slowly.
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