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Better Google Drwonky

Don't be evil::revert google search results to older style

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This update to the original Better Google seems to correct the cached button overlapping text, but for some reason it hangs the Google Search as the DOM loads content. For example, searching "google cached dropdown userscript" with the old script, the page fully loads and I see the cached 3 dots button overlapping the text. When loading your updated version of the script, only the first three results on the page loads, before the page goes into loading indefinitely before becoming unresponsive and needing to exit the page.
I can confirm this behavior in my rather exotic Pale Moon browser with Greasemonkey.

too bad because this is otherwise one of the favorite scripts, immensly helpful.
a little more info, if that helps: according to Pale Moon, the problem lies in line 30
another onservation: the freeze seems to happen only when/if a box with matches in YouTube videos appears on top. searches without that box seem to be fine