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Userstyles / Greasy Fork Enhancer Dark-Grey - UserCSS (userstyle)

Custom Widescreen CSS theme for and

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GPL version 3 or any later version;

That's the Userscript version of my userstyle: Userstyles / Greasy Fork Enhancer Dark-Grey

▶ Work too with Greasy Fork

▶ Quick Fix for the very BAD NEW Design of Userstyles Site

Compatible with my Userstyles :

- Userstyles - Large Edit On Focus

- Userstyles - Comments Numbering/Permalink

▶ You can Test my Userscript :


"Sort Userstyles Table on Profile page:click on the top header of each column..."

▶ GreasyFork: Support for the new Forum design.

▶ For Autopager / Auto Scrolling i use: - SuperpreloaderPlusone_New ( Preload and Autopager)

▶ Compatible with these Greasemonkey scripts for GreasyFork site:

- (GM) [TS] Citrus GFork: Broken but you can use:

- If you want a temporary fix (before its author come back to us), try : Unofficial fix of the "Citrus GFork" script

And you need some modifications. Read: Fix and Workaround about it and User CSS JS (a New Functionality of GreasyFork).

- (GM) Linkify Plus Plus [ GreasyFork ]

- (GM) GreasyFork scripts icon (https) [ GreasyFork ]

- (GM) GreasyFork - filter discussions on scripts by review type and author

- (GM) GreasyFork Bullshit Filter - for TS Citrus Gfork

- (GM) GreasyFork Bullshit Filter

- (GM) GreasyFork - add a 'send PM to user' button in Greasyfork profile pages - for Citrus GFork

- (GM) Make Bookmarklets from Javascript URLs

Note: These 2 GM, (which given the original name of this Userstyles), are now broken by the New Design: - "Table View Plus [ GreasyFork - BROKEN ]" - "Enhancer" [ USO Mirror ]

▶ About Scrollbars for Slims and Dark ScrollBars: :

Use with Waterfox Classic:

But for a Better compatibility, you can test my personal Userstyle :

- Slim Dark Scrollbar (Firefox )

Use with Firefox 57 +> / Firefox Quantum / Chrome (with Stylus): - Overlay Scrollbars - style usercss easy customizable:

Because we can't style Scrollbar with Stylish and dQuantum, Stylus (Beta) can do it by using is option "write style as userChrome.css": What is userChrome.css? What can it do? Posted by jscher2000

▶ LAST CHANGE : v.93 > ...> 194:

  • Correction for Code section in script page...
  • Add icon in top header for Library list (profile page): on hover display the list
  • Adaptation and Corrections for the Citru's Fix by Konf
  • TEST around "[TS] Citrus GFork" and "SuperpreloaderPlusone_New" userscripts
  • TEST for the New Design of GeasyFork's Forum:
  • Support of new functionality User CSS: [Beta] User CSS support
  • GM "Citrus" - Show the Toggle language link "Showing results for all languages/ show only in your language" on general scripts listing page.
  • Profile (user and personal) page: Very compact header with icons displaying on hover (with / without GM "Citrus") : Sets List, About, Comments on scripts, Control panel....
  • Others Correction for: Link color, Metas in script info page, Userstyles Home page
  • Remove CSS for unsupported/deleted GM scripts

What does This Userstyle (in short)? :Support Logged or not Logged, With or Without GM scripts.... but if log off it's good only for wide screen ▶ Support WideScreen (1920x1080) and Small screen . ▶ Simple and Informative and Reorganized Style :

  • Dark/Grey Global Flat Style
  • MOSAIC presentation, if not logged or Without GM or pages not affected by them: Account Page without GM or Pages not affected by them or Not logged.
  • General Header, Menus and Pagination : Fixed (stay in place on scroll)
  • "Show Code" button : Fixed and Move to the top right corner of the Long description
  • Code Preview window: Height fixed and Scroll Bar
  • Search option : Reorganized and adjust for the 2 scripts in top header
  • Search Results Tables : Zebra Tables.

Forum reorganized and styled :

  • Panels and Pagination on the right, Discuss on the left.
  • Star icon restyled and visible in discussions too (near pagination and between the 2 left Panels).

MENUS Compact and reorganized :

  • Moved to the left in the Top Header and show menu items on Hover .


  • Panels Infos : Reorganized, styled :background/txt color etc ...
  • Code : Show Code Button and Code Popup : follow the resize of the windows for better compatibility with small screens.
  • Show Code Box : fixed on the right of the screen and scrollable to be more usable for small and large screen.
  • Deleted Style : Message re-styled(Speech Bubble...) and moved.


  • MOSAIC presentation (when not logged or no GM).