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Disable Video Popouts

Disable/remove non browser native video overlays on web pages. This script applies on all sites by default, and must be manually configured to exclude specific sites. Note: this is a somewhat aggresive blocker, where it may break site functionality.

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Images blocked too

Hey I just installed this script and it's blocking the video overlay on the site that I wanted however it seems to also block some images.


Well, the script basically relies on the presence of a VIDEO element, and whether it is contained within an element which is placed at fixed position. That is the basic idea of a video popout feature. However, websites can put anything else within that fixed-location element.

Can you provide an example page URL? Perhaps there's a way to implement a better popout detection.


Do you mean an example of the page I wish to block the video pop out? If so then is the one I wish to use it on.


The script also blocks full screen video on several sites, such as at (specifically It happens on other websites too, but I don't remember them now.

I thought something was wrong with Chrome as it suddenly couldn't go to full screen when watching videos. It turned out to be this script. So the script seems to be a bit too simple. Would be nice if it could distinguish between small videos and full screen videos.