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Bandcamp script (Deluxe Edition)

A discography player for and manager for your played albums

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Every other Bandcamp player/script/plugin/extension/app is a steaming pile of @#$%. IMO this is the ONLY way to Enjoy Bandcamp besides Subsonic...

Thank you so much for the gifts! Please let me know if you have any feature requests or ideas for the script

Don't think Tamper monkey can do it but just looking for a random/tag jukebox ...:
* would be nice to tags to play each entire album instead of just single song
* along with that it would be nice to add shuffle to it too
* we just just write a android app for Bandcamp and make $$$$$$$$$$

Playing whole albums on a* page would be possible. To play an album the script only needs the url that points to that album (the script downloads the album page and extracts the streaming urls from the HTML). So all the albums that are visible on the tag page could in theory be played.

But there is also this website: This script works on that site as well. On the site you can type in a tag and get a list of the albums and play them. Currently, the script plays the whole album before loading the next album, but I could easily add a shuffle mode to the player.

I saw on F-Droid that someone has written an alternative Android client: I have not tested it tough, no idea what the features are.


I added a shuffle mode to the script's player. This was easier than replacing bandcamp's player on the /tag/ pages.

So now it is possible to shuffle on

Go to, search "outrun" to show all the albums of that tag. Then click one album cover to start the player and then click on shuffle to load all the albums into the playlist and shuffle them.