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Control Panel for Twitter

Gives you more control over Twitter and adds missing features and UI improvements

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Also available as a Safari extension, Firefox add-on, Edge add-on, and Chrome extension

Home timeline

  • Defaults to the "Following" (chronological) timeline, automatically switching you back if Twitter tries to move you to the "For you" (algorithmic) timeline
  • Hide the "For you" timeline tab (default setting)
  • Move Retweets to a separate tab (default setting), or hide them entirely
  • Move Quote Tweets and replies to them to a separate tab in the Home timeline, or hide them entirely
  • Hide Retweets in pinned Lists
  • Hide tweets quoting accounts you've blocked or muted
  • Mute quoting of specific tweets - adds a "Mute this conversation" menu item to Quote Tweets in the Home and List timelines
  • Hide the floating "See new Tweets" button
  • Hide "Who to follow", "Follow some Topics" etc. in the Home timeline and elsewhere
  • Hide inline prompts in the timeline
  • Full-width timeline: hide the sidebar and let timeline content go full-width on Home, Lists and Communities

UI improvements

  • Replace X branding changes
  • Hide Views under tweets
  • Hide the "Verified" tab in Notifications and the "Verified Followers" tab in Followers/Following
  • Restore the Quote Tweets link under tweets
  • Replace Premium blue checks with the Twitter Blue logo, or hide them altogether
  • Hide Premium blue checl replies in threads
  • Hide Premium upsells throughout the app
  • Hide Grok
  • Hide Subscriptions
  • Hide Jobs
  • Add "Add muted word" to the "More" menu (desktop) or slide-out menu (mobile)
  • Fast blocking - skips the confirm dialog when you try to block an account
  • Hide Retweets in user profiles
  • Default to "Latest" tab in Search
  • When viewing a tweet's Quote Tweets, hide the quoted tweet to make more room for quotes
  • Hide "Open app" nags on mobile

UI tweaks

  • Disable use of the Chirp font if you don't like it
  • Disable bold and italic text in tweets
  • Use the site's normal text font style in the primary navigation menu on desktop to make it less distracting
  • Change the navigation menu density on desktop to make it take less room
  • Use normal font weight in dropdown menus - if everything's bold, nothing's bold
  • Uninvert the Follow and Following buttons to make them less jarring
    • Choice of monochrome or themed (classic) styling for uninverted buttons

Remove algorithmic content

  • Hide sidebar contents
  • Hide Explore page contents and use it only for searching
  • Hide "Discover more" algorithmic tweets when viewing a tweet

Reduce "engagement"

  • Hide metrics
  • Reduced interaction mode: hide the action bar under tweets – replies are now the only means of interacting
  • Disable the home timeline: find yourself wasting too much time on Twitter? Try preventing use of the home timeline, going to Notifications or Messages by default instead

Hide UI items you don't use

  • Bookmark button under tweets
  • Share button under tweets
  • Analytics links under your own tweets
  • Hide navigation items you don't use on desktop, and other distracting screen elements such as the Messages drawer
  • Hide the bottom nav item for Messages on mobile if you don't use it often
  • Hide items you don't use in the "More" menu (desktop) or slide-out menu (mobile)

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