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本地 YouTube 下载器

不需要透过第三方的服务就能下载 YouTube 视频。

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Nothing works?!

1. Today suddenloy downloading videos doesn't work anymore? Got a popup saying add @@||*=detailpage$xhr, to uBlock(?) but I don't know how to add this to uBlock?! And I'm not using an ablocker.

2. Updated this script to 0.9.36 -> Downloading still doesn't work (show/hide links shows no links).

3. Checked to comments here. Someone wrote logging out of Youtube helps -> didn't help.

4. Another comment said clearing your cookies helps -> didn't help.

5. Yet another comment said removing the lines "document.cookie" from the script helps -> I don't have these lines?!

So wtf?
5. There no more these lines in the new version

And 3-5 are for "comments not loading" issue