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better reply experience for v2ex

这些是代码更新过的版本。 显示所有版本

  • v2019-06-12 - Compatible with "#" as reference marker; minor fixes.
  • v2017-10-20 - update version number
  • v2016-09-02 - fix scrolling down to textarea when making a reply will sometimes fail, prevent browser caching results returned by api which is vollatile, which sometimes break functions
  • v2016-09-02 - Synced from GitHub - changed the way citedCommentCellId is retrieved in case a reply is IGNORE-d by the user. - use api to handle floor order - removed debug output - removed unused variables. adjusted code order. - updated version number. updated README.
  • v2016-08-27 - 修正引用文字的匹配规则
  • v2016-08-26.2 - 增加了跨页引用的支持
  • v2016-08-26 - removed debugging codes. updated description.
  • v1