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知乎网页助手CoolMilk 举报,原因是 undisclosed antifeature

This script goes from line 186 to line 335
To hijack (Taobao) (Tmall) (Tmall International) (Suning) (Jingdong) (Vipshop) (Pinduoduo)
The above sites are all online shopping sites, similar to eBay and Amazon!
That snippet will identify your current URL to confirm which shopping website you are on, which product you are viewing, and send the product name and product ID to the website to check if there is a coupon so that the author can obtain it Promotion commission!
The script is called Zhihu Web Assistant, which can only be applied to (zhihu main site), (zhihu video site), and cannot be applied to online shopping sites, just like zh-CN/scripts/421933-%E7%9F%A5%E4%B9%8E%E7%BD%91%E9%A1%B5%E5%8A%A9%E6%89%8B Same!
Although the author added a comment at line 335 of the script //quanGoodsCouponHelper.start();, it is possible that the author quietly updated the script in a certain period of time so that users who do not know the script can update, so the official is requested to delete this script !
Because even deleting the entire variable of quanGoodsCouponHelper on line 186 will not affect the normal operation of this script!

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