Support Ctrl + Enter?

About: Submit to Tab on Ctrl + Click [Preview]
最后编辑于 June 2015 脚本讨论 Firefox

I am finding some extensions like this. I have tried TabSubmit but it dosn't support keyboard either.


  • 最后编辑于 June 2015 Chrome
    I was planning to try exactly this, so thanks for headsup :]
    Tried some naive approach and it seems to work well (in Firefox): it should work on text inputs and buttons, it won't work in textareas and in cases when page scripts prevents submitting via enter (not so uncommon).

    Try updated version and let me know if it works well enough for you.

    Update: seems not to work in Chrome, gotta look at it later.
  • Nice! Seems that it works on most of the sites.

    It doesn't work on Google but I can use search bar so it should be fine :).

  • Still no progress with Chrome, but just one note ad searchbar / locationbar search,
    in case you missed it:
    There is "open search results (or URL) from search (or location) bar in a new tab" in most browsers invoked with alt+enter. Not widely known, but indeed useful.

    It is a bit confusing considering that *in page* alt+enter invokes download, and ctrl+enter opens link into a new tab.