[Feature request] Add +/- button to quickly add/remove tag to search box

About: SankakuAddon [Preview]

Just like yande.re:
After clicking the button, focus the search box so we can press Enter to search.


  • Also, how do I disable the scaling feature? Or is there a way to make it only resize the image when larger than window?

  • 最后编辑于 March 2017 Firefox
    First of all, sorry for the late response, I didn't receive any notification.

    I just implemented an option for experimental + - tag search buttons and an option to downscale only, you can find the options by clicking the "Addon config" at the top bar (you can disable scaling there too).

    From my tests the added "+ - " can cause line breaks in the tag bar, but it seems to be usable.
  • The new feature works like a charm!

    However, when I uncheck "Scale image/video when opening post", the image still scales.

  • 最后编辑于 March 2017 Firefox
    Indeed it does, I must have overlooked that when refactoring. I just pushed a new version with a fix, it's not a full release, so some things might be broken, can't say I noticed anything misbehaving, though.
  • I just changed the behavior of the buttons, instead of + adding and - removing tags, + now toggles "tagname" while - toggles "-tagname", this is more in line of how other boorus do it and also more functional.