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Userstyles / GreasyFork Enhancer Dark-Grey + Comments Numbering v.132

Custom Widescreen CSS theme for and

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▶ Please Comment and give Feedback if you like this Style :-)

For infos about the original Usertyles: Userstyles / Greasy Fork Enhancer Dark-Grey

I TEST here to find a good and easy way to use an userstyles in a GM directly:

  • By using special Library
  • by using @resource (from Pastebin)
  • It Need to take care of the different namespaces in them.
  • It should be compatible with Firefox and Chrome

I have not find the right now......

v.132(should work for Chrome + Firefox): TEST Use GM_addStyle with more than one // @resource So i Merge 2 userstyles in one: ▶ Userstyles / Greasy Fork Enhancer Dark-Grey 132Userstyles / GreasyFork - Forum - Comments Numbering + Permalink v.116

Note: I found a fork using an other method to include my userstyles in a script (which need update of the CSS....): Userstyles / Greasy Fork Enhancer Dark-Grey v.123 by : TigerYT

v.94.2: Re-TEST with Library : GM_setStyle and Modify // @resource Add Icon

v.59 : TEST with: lib-add-stylish-string by leoncastro

v.57: TEST "addStyleEx" by leoncastro.

Read here some explanations with template and user case: Fine and Simple style : just a question about your "addStyleEx"

v.43: TEST GM_setStyle.js