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Userscripts-mirror WideScreen Dark and Gray (USw) v.11

Custom Widescreen CSS theme for

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NOTES (2023.08):

  • Update ONLY on (USw) and GreasyFork: is broken for me (their new design don't permit Login! - request done 2023.08)

Custom Widescreen CSS Dark and Grey theme for

The same version as userstyle: WideScreen Dark and Gray (USw) [Usestyles.World]

And NOT UPDATED: WideScreen Dark and Gray

►► ====== USO :8080 or MIRROR ??? ====== ► is defunct :-(

NOW Use : But it's only a Static Mirror of

Others Alternatives Sites: Greasy Fork


GitHub (Other Static Mirror, but seems active...)

Helpful Userscript about USO Mirror:

uso-mirror (Greasy Fork)

by trespassersW :

Useful when searching for script via google, this userscript Redirects links to , the Static Mirror Of .

Also redirects links.

And my other Userstyles: Userscripts-mirror Helper>

The same on Userscript MIRROR (outdated) : UserScripts WideScreen Dark/Grey v.7 (USO Mirror)

Support these Greasemonkey scripts:

by rAthur

ADD includes : // @include // @exclude

ADD new include:

// @include*

By jerone

ADD includes :

// @include*

by Marti But after add new include, it seems the script don't fully work with USO mirror...

By equazcion

ADD new includes:

// @include // @include // @include

By jerone

ADD new includes:

// @include*

By Erik Vold

ADD new includes:

// @include*