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Google Search MultiColumn (New Design) (USw) v.11

Less scrolling with a multi columns interface. It work with the last Google design (2003.05)

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NOTES (2023.08):

- Update ONLY on (USw) and GreasyFork: is broken for me (their new design don't permit Login! - request done 2023.08)

Less scrolling with a multi columns interface.....:
This Userstyles fill the windows with a multicolumn results page (3 columns) (based on window size) .
It work with the last Google design (2023.05):
Dark Gray and infinite scroll

Same Version in:
- GooGLE Search MultiColumn (New Design) (USw) [ - USw]
- GooGLE Search MultiColumn (New Design) (USw) [Greasyfork]

( seems broken, i can't login, so: NO UPDATE here):
- GooGLE Search MultiColumn (New Design 2023) []

With it, you can use too:
- GM "Google Infinite Scroll (+ Site Icon)" by ndaesik [2022]

- GM "Super_preloaderPlus_one_New":
Version History, Old backup/ fork ??:
But you can install it from the Github Original Dev:
Super-preloader by machsix [2023 - v.6.16.5]
Install link - Super-preloader - machsix's Github
Best and Useful for the use of an autopager:
useful if you have not yet the option for infinitScroll of Google and want have the videos previews working in the next laoded pages).

- GM "Linkify Plus Plus" by eight [2021]

- GM "Google Search Extra Buttons" by spmbt [2022.09] - Read its install notes...

My Old version (not Updated):
- GooGle - Multi-Columns Dark and Gray (Userstyles.World [USw])
- GooGle - Multi-Columns Dark and Gray []
- Google - Multi-Columns Dark and Gray [Greasyfork]