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Krunker.IO Aimbot & ESP

Locks aim to the nearest player in and shows players behind walls. Also shows a line between you and them.

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What's Aimbot:

Locks the aim to the nearest player. Doesn't check if the player is behind the wall so it can make movements hard. Also doesn't auto-shoot. You have to sight and shoot yourself.

What's ESP?

Shows players behind walls. Also shows a line between you and them. Good for keeping track of players who are behind you.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

  1. [B] to toggle aimbot
  2. [V] to toggle ESP
  3. [N] to toggle ESP Lines
  4. [L] to toggle aimbot on right mouse hold
  5. [H] to show/hide help


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  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Blog

Script doesn't work?

Click on the settings tab, on the general section change the config mode to advanced. Then scroll down on the page to the experimental section and change the inject mode to instant.

Alternative method:
There is an anti-cheat active in the game now that blocks all scripts. It is ez to bypass though. Just open krunker and immediately switch to some other tab for a few seconds. Then switch back to krunker tab. If it doesn't work, reload the page and try again.