Greasy Fork is available in English.

Clickable domain in Google search results

Ever wanted to get at the main page of the sought-for website right from the Google search results? Now you can

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The script makes the website domain clickable in the google search results block

I decided not to make the other caption parts clickable too, because it is hard to find out when the clickable parts are going to existing page and when they are not.


How to install to a PC browser

Step 1. Scripts manager

To use scripts, first you need to install a scripts manager. My advice is Tampermonkey, since I use it too.

Tampermonkey install links for different browsers, choose yours:

Chrome / VivaldiOperaFirefoxSafariMicrosoft Edge

If your browser is missing here, try to find a link by search, write its name instead of BROWSER.

Step 2. Come back here

Refresh the page and press the green Install button located above this description.

Step 3. Check if it works

If it is, here you go