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Color Picker

Color picker for Sketchful

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Removing colors

Hold alt and click on a color to remove it, palette needs to be unlocked.

Removing current page

Hold alt + shift until a red border appears around the colors, then click on any color to remove the page.

Change specific color

Hold shift and click the color you want to change, pick a color, and then save it by pressing the save icon.

Canvas eyedropper

Select a color from the canvas by alt + clicking on it.

Export palettes

Shift + click the save icon to download the current palette.

Import palettes

Drag and drop a text file with hex codes onto the save icon to load a palette. You can import palettes from this website by exporting them as code and dragging that txt file.

Reset palettes

To reset the palettes back to the default ones paste this into the console:

(function () {