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makes the forum more compact, convenient and interactive

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makes the forum more compact, convenient and interactive. this style does not change the background, buttons and other parameters of the site’s appearance, only functionality, so that it can be used in conjunction with other custom styles.

  • the site header is sticky now so you have access to important links all the time
  • a quick reply box is docked at the bottom so you can scroll through messages, embed quotes from them and edit your answer at the same time
  • the topic messages have a compacted view now: the margins are minimized and the message buttons are hidden until you hover your mouse over the message
  • the user avatar is smaller now to make the message more compact - but it will become larger when you hover over it
  • some other elements are more interactive
  • forum section headers are now available until they scroll completely
  • popup menu items are now clickable along the entire length
  • post buttons are now located on the popup panel (in the settings you can change the location of the panel or switch to the classic view)
  • use the settings menu to change the highlight color and other options on your choice.

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