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Forum Master・Discuz! Revision

Forum Master - Discuz! Beautify the interface, Remove ads, Enhance functions.

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Forum Master・Discuz! Revision

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Support List

  • 吾爱破解(
  • 全球主机交流论坛(
  • 卡饭论坛(
  • 远景论坛(微软极客社区)(
  • 恩山无线论坛(
  • 火绒安全论坛(
  • iYa.App 软件交流社区(
  • DOSPY论坛(

This is a lite version. To support more forums, please use full version or original version

Function introduction(original)

  • Beautify the interface
  • Remove ads
  • Enhance functions
  • Daily check-in(Complete site tasks with one click)
  • Actively detect online status(online:🌝 offline:🌚)
  • Remove the length limit of replies and force display
  • Ctrl+Enter or Alt+S for quick reply
  • Click the main building reply to jump to the bottom of the page

Scene mode

  • Standard mode: full function (system default)
  • Family mode: block custom avatar (restore the default avatar of the forum)
  • Office mode: block custom avatars (restore the default avatar of the forum,reduce the avatar, simplify the information below the avatar, remove the background image of the user's custom post, hide the signature of the forum user)

This project is based on hostname‘ Forum Master・Discuz!, and complies with GPL-3.0





  • Added some settings
  • Strengthen the support for 卡饭论坛(automatic check-in, etc.)
  • Let the forum support display emoji!😜😜😜Have fun!
  • Support each website to choose different display mode(In the original script, all websites share one setting)
  • Removed the homepage and group buttons(Original project homepage, group, about Questions about this project can be feedback on GreasyForkGitHub卡饭论坛)
  • Automatic refresh after switching modes
  • Some minor changes to improve the user experience
  • Some optimizations

Supplementary explanation

  • Forum Master does not take effect on the Forum Homepage and Post List pages, you need to open the post to take effect
  • Due to Firefox bugs, the scene mode in Firefox cannot restore the forum default avatar!
  • Click the button to switch the mode, it will automatically refresh after switching the mode(can be closed in Global Settings)
  • The online status displayed on the forum user information tab(mouse hovering over the avatar)is inaccurate, please refer to the online status displayed by the forum master(Active detection is enabled by default)
  • Active detection of online status may be slow and can be turned off to use normal mode(online:blue square offline:gray square)