Greasy Fork is available in English. AIMBOT - Kruntio Hacks - Best Krunt Cheat 2019

Kruntio Mods Features: Aimbot, Show Players, ESP, Auto Aim, Firebot, FPS, Adblock

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"really working / image proved" NOT SCAM! Script increase your game play and add some addons to game.

General Settings For All .io Mods:
1- Zoom In/Out
2- Change Background of Game
3- Make Rainbow Background that color changes everytime
4- Show FPS to see your current frames.
Private Settings For Mod:
Auto Aim, Aimbot, Fire Bot, Faster Run, Quick Jump, Show Players, Faster Heal, Adblock Plus+
these texts are copy-pasted for all mods that I made, Only the private settings are different and working.
This script made by these rules
- Scripts must include a description of what they do and may not do things unreasonably outside of this description.
- Even in cases not violating the copyright rule, reposts of scripts that are already on Greasy Fork are not allowed unless they are improving upon the original.

These scripts are not continual repost all have different features that proven. Just script names looks similar.
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