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YouTube Time Remaining

Display the remaining time of a YouTube video during playback.

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 28-07-2021

Could you make it adapt to the actual time remaining, including situations when the video is sped up? I’m aware of the other script that does it, but the feature I’d like to see (and that was requested by another user a long time ago) seems not to be implemented.

The thing is that the script won’t recognize 3rd-party speed manipulators.

Discussion related to it (last comment):

I use the following extension to speed up YT videos:

It has a displayable button with the current multiplier status. Maybe it’s possible to get the value from it and modify the time remaining so that it also works when you speed up a video by 3x, 4, etc.

Posted: 11-08-2021

The latest version should now calculate actual time.

Thanks for the feedback.

Posted: 11-08-2021

Thank you so much!

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