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Tinychat Enhancement Suite (TES)

Fixes some Tinychat room shortcomings and adds useful features.

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This script is no longer under development.

Brief history of Tinychat:

2009 - Tinychat founded.
October 31, 2019 - Tinychat commits seppuku by becoming a paywall and login wall. RIP.

Original description below.

Various visual improvements and some minor (but useful) extra functionality for Tinychat rooms.

Most are optional.

  • Cam maximizing.
  • Night mode.
  • Autoscrolling.
  • Larger cams area.
  • Smaller user list, header, and buttons.
  • More messages visible.
  • Chat box: phrase/mention alerts and timestamps.
  • User count.
  • Larger greenroom.
  • Chat logging.
  • User list and header hiding.
  • Profile pic hiding.
  • More legible font.
  • Fixes various minor styling/design bugs, like the user list context menu not showing.

Report any issues in the feedback forum.

You can temporarily disable this userscript by adding "?1" to the URL.