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  • I've uploaded a new version, that displays a banner if my script's running: please verify it's actually active, and let me know if there are any errors. Also be aware that I only mapped the number-pad numbers for hotkeys. I've now added the '1' an…
  • They can do some pretty amazing things with surgery and chemicals these days. :wink: Thanks for the comment. :smile:
    trong Well done! Bình luận của rdaneel July 2017
  • Thank you so much for the insanely quick response, and for un-nuking it. Galactic smugglers ne'er fare so well. ;) ETA: I usually do use conventional names, but the unicode for entities really made it so much easier to skim in the Chrome Inspec…
  • The yes/no keys are mapped to '1' and '2' on the number pad respectively. Yours is the only comment I've seen on my script, so not sure who you're refering to in regards to it being altered. If you'd like me to try to figure out what's not workin…
    trong It's not working Bình luận của rdaneel October 2016
  • Can you elaborate on what's not working for you?
    trong It's not working Bình luận của rdaneel October 2016
  • Install Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey according to your browser and install it there.
    trong Run Script? Bình luận của rdaneel July 2016