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Collin Chaffin

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Collin Chaffin
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Hồ sơ Greasy Fork

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  • @Colombo if you want to eliminate the hover just delete line 17 of: 'article:hover > div:nth-child(2)[data-testid="tweet"] { max-height: 1000px; }';
    trong Suggestion Bình luận của Collin Chaffin August 5
  • I should have translated to russian to reword it better. Why is this yet again now adding an entire list of pre-populated domains to set up the localstorage? I can understand allowing users to add their own albeit unrealistic that anyone actually …
  • This has been 100% broken in Tampermonkey/Chrome since reported above back in September. The buttons (still) only appear for "news" but not on "all" (main search) or anything useful so it needs an update.
  • It's not a conflict - if you click the "news" or anything except "all", you get the buttons. Google clearly made a change that is preventing the buttons from appearing on the default "all" tab of the search just in the last week or so.
  • I second this request. Also, maze would be a nice add.
    trong Trakt.tv Bình luận của Collin Chaffin September 2018
  • Actually I found that Chrome's built-in flag for "smooth scrolling" was the reason that when I visited a site I really needed at the time (powershell.com I believe) literally ZERO scrolling worked. I was so sure it was just their website I attempte…
    trong Does not work Bình luận của Collin Chaffin September 2018
  • You're correct at least that site now works. I'll keep running v8 and report back if I hit any more failures. Thanks for getting to it so quickly!
    trong Does not work Bình luận của Collin Chaffin September 2018
  • And I should have given you an example: http://www.vbforums.com/showthread.php?331678-How-can-you-use-findwindow-to-get-all-hwnds-of-windows-that-are-similar I just downgraded back to v6 and low and behold, scrolling down works fine on that si…
    trong Does not work Bình luận của Collin Chaffin September 2018
  • You need to test this better before releasing these updates. The last update is HORRIBLE. Many sites suddenly cannot scroll only down, but scroll up fine - kind of a HUGE PROBLEM.
    trong Does not work Bình luận của Collin Chaffin September 2018
  • FYI, I was wrong the helper script from Artain simply does not work properly (for a couple reasons) and as such, forces the refresh/reload just after you create the new dropdown, forcing that iframe to take over the entire tab, losing the video page…
  • Glad to head it!
  • Also, just a suggestion but for those that also have other scripts running including theming youtube, you might consider instead of forcing a new class for your 2 buttons of: btn btn-default pull-left Instead keep them the default YT class s…
  • Found the issue, it's from line 471 that does: $(".yt-ui-menu-content").remove(); That removal takes with it all the other buttons on that row. Remming out that line appears to make it all work including your buttons, so I'm not clear on ex…
  • Sorry should have clarified better, it's actually just the buttons in the SAME row that your two get injected into that no longer function...the others on the page are ok.
  • That posted answer absolutely does NOT explain EXACTLY what personal data of mine has been continually posted and saved to your friggin Github, nor did you EVER disclose, either in the script description, comments, or webpage that this would be acti…
  • I had the same question! Still active?
  • Update: Line 52 and 110 to this: em.style.setProperty ("color", "#000000", "important"); And the script highlighting will now work properly. If you use this change please credit me in the script comments since I had to go through the work of deb…
    trong Broken Bình luận của Collin Chaffin February 2018
  • Agreed, I am also seeing this behavior - it is broken!
    trong Will not work Bình luận của Collin Chaffin September 2017
  • Hey so sorry for the delay in replying! Thanks so much for the info, that is awesome and a great direction and will probably be plenty just to make the few small adjustments I need for vision. Again, can't say enough how awesome you did with this …
  • Thanks I can just start doing some search and replaces in the userscript css have no issue changing myself if need be, just thought since you developed it might have had a bit more rhyme or reason in the color scheming and maybe I'd get lucky. With…
  • This is the same bug I reported a few down the list from you. Still waiting for the author to hopefully fix this.
  • Same on Chrome 59 DEV - this script is simply not working properly and needs to be updated since I see the exact same symptoms - unchanged button however clicking UPLOAD actually erroneously downloads a swf file and no other changes and with this sc…
  • Any idea how often this author actually check and responds to these bug reports? Changelog seems to indicate months between some pretty minor updates. You're right that is a fix but an even simpler fix is to code it properly to test for undefined,…
    trong Code bug Bình luận của Collin Chaffin April 2017
  • .....and the regex is so broken it literally matches any url right now that contains any of the portions of the shortened urls in it, regardless of position which is assinine....and means THIS below is deemed a "shortened" bitly url that gets the bu…
    trong WTF? Bình luận của Collin Chaffin April 2017
  • Quick update.....found big bug in code and root cause of 100% matches......all from a trailing blank line in url list does this: VM2737:332 bit.ly 04:25:16.817 VM2737:333 matching: http://userscripts-mirror.org/ato: /bit.ly/ 04:25:16.817 VM2737:3…
    trong WTF? Bình luận của Collin Chaffin April 2017
  • As far as I can tell, EVERY single a href link matches due to this thing being broken. Here's the "match" to the magic short list on just one of every A HREF hit on a page that winds up all with "unshorten" buttons despite NONE of them actually eve…
    trong WTF? Bình luận của Collin Chaffin April 2017
  • Wow after debugging further this thing has a TON of basic syntax errors down to basic missing semicolons, brackets, etc. Needs serious fixing.
    trong WTF? Bình luận của Collin Chaffin April 2017
  • Hey does anyone still have a copy of this they could send me or post an updated link since his original dropbox link is dead?
  • For those also seeing the halting errors on this script, I see no reason not to simply delete the completely erroneous, unneeded block of (until the author can either agree it's placement is a mistake, or let us in on the missing HTML for the newBod…
    trong Major syntax error Bình luận của Collin Chaffin March 2017