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doesnt works

About: GoogleMonkeyR (modified by rampageX)

Hello, today script stop working.
Mozilla broweser and violentmonkey

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  • Already posted on another comment thread, but you might not have got a notification for that – so I copy-paste it here again:

    I managed to get it partly working again. So until the author fixes it here, be welcome to take my copy from here – but be aware it's rather a "quick hack", and not all things are working (e.g. continuous scroll is not).

  • @IzzySoft: I registered just to say thank you. Googlemonkeyr is a must have for me. Your effort is much appreciated!

  • @aparak glad to help! Feeling the same, this is a must-have. I hope someone picks it up and keeps it alive "the right way" (as I wrote, my fix is just a "quick hack" and not really ideal – but better than nothing).

  • Thanks IzzySoft - your fix works great, hoping you might be able to update it with continunous scroll etc at your convenience.

  • đã sửa August 2019 [?]

    Hi @IzzySoft. Thank you for your fix, it also worked for me. I use this script mainly to color and format Google search results. It's so ugly without GoogleMonkeyR ....

  • @IzzySoft, width is fixed as indicated by AV's image. But favicons and numbering are broken.

  • The image is a combination of GoogleMonkeyR (modified by rampageX), FaviconizeGoogle 1.4.5 (by joeytwiddle) and the Firefox add-on Google Auto-Load by tumpio.

    I hope someone fix this essential script. It's a lot harder to find what you want without it. Most features like "disable Google showing extra results", "auto load more results", "show favicons" are not working.

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