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Bug found

About: Fanfiction Qomplete

I don't know if it's happening for anyone else, but for me (tampermonkey on Opera) it does everything but append the chapters following the current one, since the latest update.

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  • Thanks for the report!

    I've found the issue. Chrome-based browsers apparently don't support XPCNativeWrapper which is used to do requests with cookies.

    Working on a fix at the moment. :)

  • Should work now. Back to using XMLHttpRequest without XPCNativeWrapper. It works in all browsers in most cases. XPCNW works better in Firefox though since it can handle cookies properly.

  • Awesome! It works again. This is my favorite script ever and I'm really glad you actually care about it. I'm a voracious reader and this really helps. Thank you for all your hard work!

  • It's nice to hear my efforts are appreciated! Maybe I should make sure to 'accidentally' break things from time to time to keep the juicy user interaction going?
    joking, of course :3

    I'm working on a browser extension that is supposed to be able to do what this script does and a lot more (powerful and advanced features, really fast and without any bloat in UI or other annoyances), for most/any web sites and types of media. But that is such an unreasonably big project that it is probably years from being released with just a small subset of all the features I want in it. But if I keep this script alive there's at least something that I've made that is released and that people can use. For those that only want to use it for FF.net it might be preferable to use a userscript specific to that site instead of a browser extension, so it might be worth it to keep this script alive even if that is ever released?

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