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Bug found

About: Fanfiction Qomplete

It seems that if a story has a number as the beginning of the title, the script decides that every chapter is that number, and will loop the chapter, forcing you to load the next chapter manually.

The story I noticed this on is Radaslab's "30 minutes that changed everything".

Bình luận

  • Thanks for the report! I'll take a look :)

  • It's fixed now!
    Since I rarely get any comments I stopped checking these forums for a while, that's why it took so long to respond.

  • I now also fixed the settings saving feature! And it was you who requested it in the first place so it seems you are a long time user. So when I fixed the other bug I wanted to complete the save feature too.

    It was a bit trickier than I thought it would be since I haven't touched the code in a while and this type of API change means a change in one place means you have to update a handful of other places too, which all require you to change a few more places etc. I tried before and failed, but this time I persisted so that you would have this feature again :D

    The script still doesn't work on fimfiction so I guess I'll have to fix that before someone reports it. I mainly added support for that site because I read 2 great stories (Friendship is Optimal & Myou've Gotta be Kidding Me) there while developing this script and couldn't be without it and it was fairly simple because the sites were similar in structure. But I'm never there now and now listing the site as a "supported" site means someone will eventually post a bad "review" because of it and because this site mixes up reviews and bug reports
    So I guess I have to take care of it before that >.>

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