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Update v1.7.2

About: GoogleMonkeyR
v.1.7.2 - 31 Aug 2014 - by Boltex
- Bug fix: Google Changes in wdith in some divs
- Feature: Remove next page link and loading image.
*note* - If the results of the your search will go beyond the screen,
you must find and change resolution. Find 1240px and change to your value.

GET HERE: https://db.tt/zcLYfvZo

Bình luận

  • First, many thanks to Boltex for the new version (and for Cosmo for posting it here).

    There was a a small problem with the previous version that is still not fixed in this version.

    See this screenshot - http://i.imgur.com/4BfbLXO.png
    The right side of the slideout tab (GoogleMonkeyR's solution to google search result's Info Box) is a little bit cut.

    This little problem becomes much bigger if I use Botlex's advice in the changelog for changing the display width/resolution -"find 1240px and change to your value".

    Here the screenshot I took after changing to the width I prefer (649px) -http://i.imgur.com/RdXZTxV.png

    BTW - I have a 1920x1200 monitor and I know I can set GMR to 2 or more columns but I prefer 1 column with a NARROW DISPLAY.

    Can someone post here an improved version or css code that will fix it ?
    Many thanks in advance.
  • đã sửa October 2014 [?]
    V1.7.2 does not work on google.ca
    OK, I checked further and found it does work fine on Firefox 32.3 but not Pale Moon 25.0.
  • đã sửa October 2014 [?]
    Thanks for the info

    Script updated
  • Great script. Thank you for your time and effort. I would like to report that the "Auto load more results" feature is broken when searching for google news items. It presents the top 10 results and no more. An option to click towards the next page of results isn't given, but a counter at the top of the page keeps escalating the number of results supposedly being currently shown. However, new results aren't being loaded.

    In the other search categories such as Videos, Books and Apps, auto load DOES work. However, new results beyond the first 10 don't load the images associated with that particular result.

    Finally, Google Shopping results are entirely absent, with or without auto load. I've found temporarily turning off greasemonkey to be an inelegant workaround for this issue.

    You've built a great product and I hope that future updates address these limitations. Thank you
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