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Continuous popups!

About: Stig's Facebook Homefeed Cleanr
Like another reviewer below, this is absurd. EVERY time that ANYTHING facebook related is needed, here is this darn FULL PAGE popup for Stig again.....like this script but please just add one single option to disable the popup or something.

Bình luận

  • Hi Collin
    I have also noticed it has started to re-appear more often lately (it only just lately started to be a problem for me in Firefox).
    It's not so simple. The option to only display it once is the default/intended behavior. The problem seems to be, that it forgets the flag telling it already has been shown which is saved in "web storage", either because the browser cleans up web storage or because Facebook clears web storage associated to the website (I suspect the later because it sounds like it is a problem with multiple browsers now, it looks like you use Chrome?).
    I will look into saving the setting/flag somewhere else soon.
    Thanks for reporting problem.
  • Hi again
    I'm sorry to say, that I have difficulty in finding time and motivation to work on this script. So I have decided it will be withdrawn from Greasy Fork in near future. I suggest trying some of the alternatives to this script which can be found here on Greasy Fork. But thanks for time you found it was worth using my script.
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