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Script deleted and locked - Who do I contact?

One of my scripts was silently deleted, and locked, with the reason given as 'minified variables'; I chose to use unicode characters for my HTML entity names to make it easier for me to debug, and because I like them. As far as I know, doing this isn't against the rules. Unfortunately, I didn't even get a notification about my script being so harshly Kylo Ren'd, nor any sort of pointer of who to contact about it.

Is there a way to find out who nuked it, and plead my case, or is the only remedy finding a less restrictive place to post scripts online?

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  • đã sửa March 2017 Yandex Browser

    The script is perfectly fine. I've undeleted it.

    I don't have access to site's changelog of scripts though so can't tell who deleted it.

    P.S. Just opened that script in a mobile android browser and greasyfork displays the variables as garbage, which might have been the reason one of the mods took down the script. Consider using conventional variable names to prevent this from happening again.

  • đã sửa March 2017 Safari
    Thank you so much for the insanely quick response, and for un-nuking it. Galactic smugglers ne'er fare so well. ;)

    ETA: I usually do use conventional names, but the unicode for entities really made it so much easier to skim in the Chrome Inspector, vs "myFourthButton"; for that particular script, I was redoing bits of DOM anyway. But, justification aside, I just thought it would be fun. Thanks for the heads up re: Android; I've never tried using scripts on my phone, but probably should. :smiley: Whatever the case, I'll refrain from 'em in the future here. Thanks again.
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