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It's not working

About: Customer Interests - Product Interest / Keyword Relevance Audit [mturk]
The script doesn't work. Anyone have a fix? I tried changing the yes/no keys but that didn't work.

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  • đã sửa October 2016 Firefox
    Can you elaborate on what's not working for you?
  • The yes/no keys don't work. The enter key still works. Someone said they altered the script somehow to get it to work. I have no clue what they did though.
  • The yes/no keys are mapped to '1' and '2' on the number pad respectively. Yours is the only comment I've seen on my script, so not sure who you're refering to in regards to it being altered.

    If you'd like me to try to figure out what's not working in your scenario, please send me any errors from the console the next time these drop, and I'll look into it.
  • I know that it's the '1 and '2 number pad but they don't work.
  • OK, finally got it to work. I think the hide instructions script was conflicting with this.
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