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BUG GreasyFork site : Favoris Scripts List problem

đã sửa January 2016 trong Trang phản hồi Firefox
I see sometime some user profile with a link to their fav set and if we follow the link their is nothing in the list.
Profile page of Wang Hsin-che
with link to "Script Sets: Favoris - View scripts"
and the empty list:
Favoris by Wang Hsin-c

Bình luận

  • It simply means that they created a set but the set doesn't match any scripts. In this specific case, it looks like it matches a script that has since been deleted.
  • Thanks for the reply.
    Possible to fix it when you have some spare time ?
    if you have for that

  • I'm not sure what there is to fix. The user essentially defined their favourites in such a way that they have none. I guess I could not link to it, but that may be just as confusing.
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