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Perhaps a strange question

About: Fanfiction Qomplete
I came across this script while searching for a way to view or search all reviews on a story on FFnet. I've installed the script, since it seems useful (and is a feature that AO3 already has, and one I use a lot).

The reason I'm looking for a reviews search or single-page collation script is perhaps a bit odd. I'm in the process of writing a sociolinguistics dissertation on Mass Effect fanfiction, specifically the identity production of the various Shepards and negotiating/reconciling the differences between the fic variants and the various 'my Shepard' identities that reviewers have. The bulk of my data will be in the reviews, but currently my best option for collecting that data is manually going through every page of reviews and copy/pasting everything on the screen onto a separate document. With hundreds upon hundreds of pages, that gets... tedious.

Is there a (hopefully relatively simple) way to modify this script to do the same for reviews as you're doing for the chapters?

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  • In Firefox > go to about:addons (Ctrl + Shift + A) > Userscripts > Options for FanfictionQomplete > Edit This Script

    In Chrome > Click tampermonkey icon > Dashboard > Click FanfictionQomplete

    Replace the code with the code found at http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=jHU0SgYx

    I think that greasemonkey/tampermonkey stops autoupdating the script if you manually edit it, not sure. But you might have to tell your userscript addon to turn on autoupdate once you are done with downloading all the reviews. This code might end up as an update for the script for everyone once I've decided it's a feature that is worth supporting.

    I didn't want to push barely tested code to everyone in case it breaks something else, that's why I decided to send the code to you in this slightly more cumbersome way.

    I replaced a few hours a sleep with some coding for you. Please review my script? :]

  • Awesome, thank you so much! That works perfectly, and it's going to save me A LOT of time and effort. :D
  • Thanks for the upvote :> Glad I could help!
    Some fanfics have huge lists of reviews though. HPMOR is 660k words (4MB html, which is a hundred times the size of a normal webpage) but it has 2.1k pages of reviews (50MB). That's huge! My browser froze for a while . If I do support this feature for everybody later then I need to make it possible to load less than all pages at once...
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