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Almost perfect!

About: Fanfiction Qomplete
Great script.
Just two little things that would make it perfect.
1. The ability to change the size of the font.
2. The ability to remember the setting between session.

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  • Thanks!

    1. You can already change the text size by zooming in and out in your browser. So if I implement something myself to change the text size it needs to be even better. Could you give me some details about what Ctrl+/- doesn't do for you?

    I've never needed to resize the text myself since I chose a default size that fits me, which makes detailed feedback extra important. If I can create something that is better than what the browsers built in zoom tool does then I'll make it.

    2. It is planned! But what counts as as "session"? The way I imagine doing it is that the settings stay between "browser sessions" if you let your browser remember the tabs you have open between restarts.
    Maybe it should also remember what settings you used last time when qompleting new fanfictions? I'm haven't decided yet. But maybe it's just because I like the default settings that I don't mind if it forgets those options.

    What are your favourite settings and how do you typically use the script?
  • Settings are now saved. Both per tab and in extension local storage.
    The settings that are saved per tab overrides the extension settings so that you can have different settings in each tab. And the settings per tab works when you reload, restart your browser (if your browser remembers tabs between sessions) and that also works for fanfics saved to your drive from now on.
  • đã sửa November 2015 Default Browser
    1. I know I can zoom with the browser, but I don't like it much. What I preferred is something like what fanfiction.net has beside the Qomplete! button. This way only the story font size gets changed and not everything.
    2. I wasn't clear. I mean some way to change the standard setting so that every time I open a new story, the setting is always the same.

    I normally use the script for reading story on fanfiction, and i use the wide width.


  • 2. I wasn't clear. I mean some way to change the standard setting so that every time I open a new story, the setting is always the same.

    The script now saves your settings when you load a fanfic page or press one of the settings buttons. Newly opened/qompleted fanfics defaults to the saved settings.
    Is this save behaviour to your satisfaction?

    I really want to avoid introducing a "save settings" or "font size" button if possible. There are already a bit too many buttons for my taste. I'm thinking of ways to reduce the amount of buttons if I can find a way to do so without losing usability and functionality.

  • Default Browser

    For reducing the button you could create one button that show/hide all the settings. This way you would see only one button most of the time and every option only when you actually need to change something.
  • QonQon
    đã sửa November 2015 Firefox
    Font size selector added. Hope it helps!

    It goes from 1 to 50 pt. If 50 isn't big enough then the browsers built in zoom option can increase the font size even further.

    The top option ("pt") will just let the browser use the default size. "12pt" is exactly the same size as "pt" for me but I don't know if that's true for everyone so it's how I chose to do it for now.
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