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Compatibility with Youtube+

About: Resize YT To Window Size

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  • No promises on keeping compatibility since I don't use it.

    Anyways, if you disable my script, then open Youtube+'s options. Disable Player always visible when reading comments. My script doesn't like it since it uses position:fixed; and a bunch of other rules I don't want to even try to override.

    Then we just need to overload 1 CSS rule to make everything fine and dandy.

  • v67 will overload that one CSS rule, so if you turn off that one Youtube+ option, it should work.

  • Awesome. Hope it works.
  • It works! That was fast. Thanks a lot!
  • Somehow the comments and video thumbnails don't load if I open the video page in the same tab. Loads ok if I open in new tab.
  • Ah, my script is crapping out because when it tries to fix the HTML5 player because it's trying to find the wrong stuff since YT+ changes the player. Gotta find an easy way to detect if the script is running.

  • Please fix! :>

    If I reload the page and scroll down immediatly things do load correctly, but it's kinda annoying to do that at the end of every video. I use the script so that I don't have to go back and forth between full screen mode all the time and this is worse than that.

    And if I press like and then close the share box the site breaks.

    Also it would be great if the script didn't break the "always visible mode" in YT+.

    This script is wonderful, when it works...
  • v69 should fix the comments/thumbnails breaking.

  • Thanks!
  • It still doesn't work with youtubes regular playlist feature (it appears lower than it should and leaves a gap, appearing right over the related videos) or 'video always visible' in Youtube+
  • Just made the script compatible with the "always visible mode" in Youtube+ in v76. Happy Holidays guys.

  • Default Browser
    Cool. Thanks for keeping your script compatible with Youtube+. Happy Holidays to you, too.
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