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About: Fanfiction Qomplete
The script works pretty well. All of the described components are there and functional. The only problem is that the script places a background of the most eyegouging yellow on the story, and then to add insult to injury shades into a bright neon green. (alright, so it is Stylish that removes the grey backdrop, but still, the yellow green background is completely unnecessary)
I read fanfiction to relax, this script makes it PHYSICALLY PAINFUL to read.
Please, fix it.

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  • QonQon
    đã sửa July 2015 Firefox
    The script works great, the problems described here do not exist! Tisaku Anyue is having problem with someone elses code and erronously blames it on me. There is no colored background, it's Tisakus Stylish theme that makes it painful for him to read it.


    Wohooo! First feedback! Thanks! Too bad it was a negative but I'll fix that :>

    Are you talking about the thin 5px rainbow line around the content? I don't find it distracting but if you do I can definitly make it possible to make it gray with a click or something if you would like. This script is meant to make reading fanfics as pleasing and relaxing as possible.
  • I just updated the script again. There's now a "Rainbow" button that you can click to turn off the edge color. Hope this helps.

    If it does help please change your rating to a positive one :]

    Later I might turn those big buttons into smaller icons or something. What do you think?
  • QonQon
    đã sửa July 2015 Firefox

    I attached a 2 files, one is how it should look like (Correct.png). The other is what I think you see (Wrong.png).

    The default background is a dark gray but can be changed to white or black with the background button. What happens if you press it? What happeds if you press the edge button? Can you send me screenshots?

    It's not my fault that the script isn't compatible with your Stylish themes. If you have some Stylish theme that destroys the look of my script then I urge you to disable that stylish theme and change your rating to something fair.

  • Ohhhhhh that bothers me that there is one yellow "OK" rating because of that. Please for the love of god update your review so this stops bothering me.

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