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newbie here......how safe are userscripts and some other questions?

Hi,I just installed greasemonkey today and installed some scripts and was wondering how safe it is to install scripts from these sites as I keep getting an install warning in firefox about trusting the author?
Can anyone tell me if the current scripts I have installed are reputable?:

Ignorar links do adf.ly, lienscash.com, adfoc.us, bc.vc e sh.st 1.7
Ads Bypasser
Anti Adblock killer REEK
Anti Adware
Direct Google
Direct links out
Remove web limits

One more question>will having all these userscripts installed slow down my firefox browser?
Any info greatly appreciated

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  • đã sửa February 2016 Firefox

    The trustworthiness of scripts is subjective -- so here's my subjective opinion...:

    You can make a guess at script-trustworthiness by:

    [1st] the number of comments/reviews/etc in the script's Feedback tab.

    How many is a good number? No fixed answer; but I would say 3 or more, where the developer has actually replied to users; and/or, users are giving positive feedback.

    [2nd] Click on the developer's name, and then look at their other scripts; if those seem to have decent amount of Feedback, then overall that's a 'safe' developer to trust.

    {btw you can click on any user's name, and see which scripts they have Favorite'd -- important in giving the script a good rating, or have put into categories called Script Sets, or have created--look for their profile link. So, if you trust a certain User, you can feel more comfortable using scripts they use or recommend.}

    Ads Bypasser Anti Adblock killer REEK Anti Adware Direct Google

    I use these scripts, and I submit that these are trusted developers and scripts.

    There must be a setting in Firefox to disable that warning (I don't know what it is); otherwise you might always get it when installing scripts.

    In terms of of slowing down the browser...again subjective.

    If you use a few scripts, then any performance hit should be small, and not even noticeable.

    But if you go crazy with the number of installed scripts, like some [cough-cough] users, then you will see some slower performance; but-presumably-it's worth it for the benefits that the scripts provide.

  • thanks for the info!
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