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Cannot post script. Complains about missing @name, even though it is included

I want to upload a script with the following header:
// ==UserScript== // @name soup.io: Display hidden elements // @namespace http://xcvbnm.org/ // @author Nordern // @description Shows hidden reactions, reposts, icons and dates on soup.io pages // @version 3 // @match soup.io/* // @match *.soup.io/* // @license public domain

When submitting, it says the following:

There were some problems with what you posted...

  • Default name is required - specify one with @name
  • Description is required - specify one with @description
  • You didn't specify @version. A @version meta key allows for update checking of your script in user script managers.
    Generate @version automatically?
  • You didn't specify @namespace. A @namespace meta keys allows users to re-install your script to update it.
    Generate a @namespace automatically?

All the options it complains about are clearly there. What am I missing?

Bình luận

  • Apparentl you haven't closed the meta bock.

    Add // ==/UserScript== on a new line after the last // line.

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