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Convert JS code to script

I have a piece of code and I want it to be executed every 5 seconds on facebook.
I have created a new user script and pasted the javascript code but it do not execute

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  • i got some examples

    /////Use setInterval to automatically call the specified function periodically: var interval = setInterval(function() { // do ajax request ............... }, 60 * 1000); if (some_condition) { clearInterval(interval); // stop the timer } /////Use setTimeout to schedule one run of the function based on condition://////////////////// var timeout; (function doAjax() { // do ajax request ............... if (some_condition) { timeout = setTimeout(doAjax, 60 * 1000); // schedule the next run } })(); if (another_condition) { clearTimeout(timeout); // cancel the schedule }

    /////////////////////or the easy way////////
    (function(){ // what should be done every 5 seconds setTimeout(arguments.callee, 5000); })();

    kinda like that
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