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Download Greasy Fork

My computer crashed and I'm trying to download this again for my munzee app. I keep getting an error.

Bình luận

  • I am now getting a window open on top of screen that says "Apps, extentions, and user scripts cannot from this website.
  • đã sửa October 2015 Chrome

    First install the userscript manager: Tampermonkey or Tampermonkey beta.

    It happens because Chrome now disallows any direct installations of extensions not from the Google's webstore. And without a userscript manager Chrome installs userscripts as extensions, applying the above restrictions.

  • Hmm, I've been right-clicking the Install button and copying the link, then opening the Tampermonkey dashboard, Utilities tab, and pasting into the URL box to import it. Is there a faster way these days?
  • It installs directly here when I click the Install button showing a confirmation in a tab and I don't see an option that may disable it.


  • where the setup
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