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Stop working

About: GoogleMonkeyR (modified by rampageX)
đã sửa July 19 trong Thảo luận về Script [?]

Doesn't work anymore, can someone update this script? I tried on Google Chrome and Mozilla also,
with Tampermonkey extension.
It is a handy script, and I'm using from the beginning.
Please update the script. Thanks.

Bình luận

  • agen pleast fix

  • I managed to get it partly working again. So until the author fixes it here, be welcome to take my copy from here – but be aware it's rather a "quick hack", and not all things are working (e.g. continuous scroll is not).

  • đã sửa July 23 [?]

    Thank you IzzySoft
    but rampageX please come back~~~

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