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Stylus Auditor - Test on Chrome....

About: Stylus Auditor
đã sửa July 18 trong Thảo luận về Script [?]

As you explain, I create a favorit with address:

But when using it, i don't show the Stylus audit ...
I have not tested on Firefox.

Bình luận

  • The script works on both Chrome and Firefox. It was tested with TamperMonkey, but there shouldn't be a problem with ViolentMonkey. I do not support the GreaseMonkey addon.

  • đã sửa July 18 [?]

    After restarting Chrome, Yes, it work now.

    So , now in the rapport error, i can see a bunch of :
    /* selector mismatch */

    /* overridden styles */

    And i don't see in which style they are (name = n/a - no mention in rapport).
    Why these errors if in Stylus i can't see none (using StyleLint).

    Tested for my flickr userstyles:

  • Sorry, I forgot to mention in the script that Stylus doesn't provide a way to retrieve the name of the applied styles. The style ID is the only retrievable information. The script already include a workaround for this, but I simply forgot to mention this workaround.

    The script has been updated to include a note in the auditor page to explain this matter as well as an instruction to manually name a UserStyle.

  • Thanks for sharing

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