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Description Update

About: Diep.io Dark Theme by Mixaz

You might want to mention that the values in the code are in decimal. Then provide a link that the user may use to convert, like: https://convertingcolors.com/.

Bình luận

  • đã sửa May 26 [?]

    Then an example image, like:

  • Then an example image, like: ^^

  • I wrote this script with decimal for absolutely no reason, even it can be written in hex. I was idiot.
    If you want to use hex, you can just add "0x" to front of hex like 0xff8c00 (Dark Orange) to use hex.
    Also, This script is not intended to be modified, so I think that it is unnecessary to provide too much information.
    TL;DR: I'm too lazy to add comments
    Thanks for feedback.

  • Oh wait description says "You can also modify the design by changing some of the values in the script." WTF

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