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bug? how to (manually) install a script properly?

đã sửa April 17 trong Trang phản hồi [?]

Since some time ago, quite often I encounter "apps, extensions, user scripts cannot be added from this website" error when I try to install a js from greasyfork.
I have my Tampermonkey installed on Chrome so I don't why it happens for some scripts. Is there a way to manually force install the sciprt?
eg. i'm trying to install https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/38953-google-image-view-image-button

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  • đã sửa April 17 [?]
    Sounds like a problem in Tampermonkey - it fails to intercept the script URL so it's your browser that tries to install the script instead which it can do only from the official web store for extensions. You can manually copy the script's code from the site and paste it into a newly created script in Tampermonkey.
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