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Twitter (web): Script to place "Reply", "Retweet" and "Like" buttons to the right of "DM" button?

Hi everyone,

As the title says, on the Twitter web timeline (not the applications), I'd like to write a script that would let me position the "RT", "Like" and "Reply" buttons to the right of the (central) "Direct Message" button, instead of the current position on the left.

// (Here, I wanted to insert a .JPEG picture edited on MS Paint, showing what I'm trying to achieve, but "the file failed to load"... Several times... I'll try again in a subsequent post)

The reason I'm trying to do that is because every time I scroll down my timeline, usually with the space bar on my keyboard, my touchpad pointer is aligned on the left, so that I can easily RT, or reply to, or like, a tweet, and more often than not, it ends up triggering the blob of another person's account, hence invading my screen.

I'm really fed up with that, and since I can only go on Twitter on a laptop with a 15-inch screen, it quickly becomes a major annoyance.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Is it even something you can achieve via JavaScript, or does it have to do with CSS instead? Or both?

Any help would be welcome!

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