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Big bug

About: 10wallpaper downloader

Huge bug on these wallpaper downloaders that blindly do the http grab - visit the site, set your resolution to one of the most common (1920x1080), and visit for instance the TV show "Lost" group and start clicking.....for every wallpaper NOT available in YOUR specific resolution (but IS available in other/similar resolutions), instead of the selction page because of ths script it blindly instead downloads the "NOT FOUND" HTML as the "Picture.jpg". So, you are left not knowing which are actually the pics and which are instead bogus files filled with HTML unless you analyze the file size of each save.

You almost have to write a check in to analyze the returned before saving the blob to disk. Otherwise I've found because it looks no different between success and failure, the script is simply not really usable since I have to revisit the site when I find that the pics I thought I got were simply only available in other resolutions.

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