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Does this still work?

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I recently moved to another computer (Mac) and now recognized that I see bento links again. Not sure if this is a local problem with my installation, so I wanted to confirm if it works for others.
I'm using greasemonkey and other scripts like "deactivate overscrolling" work fine.

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  • đã sửa January 31 [?]

    I can confirm that it doesn't work with greasemonkey.
    It seems they have changed the bento links to https.
    I hadn't noticed because I use a different script that I haven't published yet.

  • Thanks, I changed it to https now, and bento is gone again :-)

  • đã sửa January 31 [?]

    I have updated the script. The new version works again and is faster.
    Thanks for the report.

  • Great, thanks for the fast fix!

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