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If/then and clicking image w/ text

đã sửa January 13 trong Phát triển [?]

I need help figuring this out as I've looked around google and not getting anywhere.

I need a script that looks for a specific ".jpg"

and IF it sees it then it would click the button with correct text...

This is the class ID for the buttons: "btn btn-primary btn-block"

it would click the one with the text "Thats IHOP!" and not the others like: "Thats Denny's!", "Thats Red Robins!". "Thats Arbys!"


if (imageofIHOP.jpg exists) {
    document.getElementsByClass("btn btn-primary btn-block").withText("Thats IHOP!").click();

(of course this code wont work) but I thought it would be best to give a crappy example to help explain a bit more

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